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At InQ, we take a human-centred approach to authentically engage leaders and teams in co-creating inclusive, high-performing cultures.

Our evidence-based Diversity and Inclusion programs go beyond the traditional ‘tick the box’ approach to the personal – why does inclusion really matter, what are the barriers impeding progress and what can we do to individually and collectively accelerate change? The result is leadership-led, employee-informed solutions that will significantly and sustainably transform the way you work.

Co-creating Inclusive Cultures

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Leadership Team Training

Key to creating inclusive cultures is leadership commitment, supportive policies and programs and a means of measuring progress. But how do we authentically engage the leadership team…

Co-creating Inclusive Cultures: Engaging Men

You’ve got a great ‘D and I’ program in place but you’re having a hard time authentically engaging your senior male leaders…

Co-creating Inclusive Cultures: Inspiring Women

Whilst women represent half the workforce, they’re underrepresented in leadership roles. What are the barriers and how do we overcome them…

“I’m most proud of the changes I’ve seen from our male managers following their participation in the Co-Creating Inclusive Cultures: Engaging Men program. The changes they have applied, both in thought and action as a result of a greater understanding of how our biases may inadvertently play out, have been many and positive. ”

James Phillis, CEO, SMEC

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